The Project

In a family gathering, supper is where stories are told and memories are made.
The warmth and comfort of those familiar aromas and tastes give us the sense of security that those memories will last forever.
This is the spirit of Ceia - which stands for supper in the Portuguese language.
 We want to offer you a long-standing memory of joy, comfort and friendship, where we can share our own memories and stories with you, through our food.

Our Chef, Pedro Pena Bastos, nurtures a profound respect for all the products and their own individual natural cycles. He has spent most of his career soul-searching for the best way to present complex and elegant flavors in a familiar and organic way, allowing you to enjoy a unique experience and engrave the memory deep within you.

We don’t intend to have clients, we intend to treat you as a guest in our own home, eating at our table. You’ll share the experience with 13 other people, and every experience will be unique.
Once you enter our dining room the doors will close and the experience will begin.

Ceia will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, only at dinner time, and you should book your experience on our online booking platform.
Ceia Experience includes :

Dinner at Ceia - 100€
Wine pairing - 50€   or   Juice Pairing - 30€
Photos by: Nelson Garrido