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Gathering Around Flowers

- 01/10/2019 -

Gathering Around Flowers

Dear Friends,

As a way to honor those who nurture and cherish our projects, we decided to organize a series of

workshops and gatherings, to share their work and expand what the values of Silent Living are. This

time, a gathering around flowers with KcKliko

  The tallest tree, and the most delicate flowers, are of extraordinary beauty, to their tinniest detail - the

strongest roots are as important as the gentle leaves on top, dancing with the wind. 

Our young tree has been growing daily, settling its roots on strong values and being watered and

nurtured by our friends, enthusiastic guests, loving and caring people we come across everyday.



Nature is one of the values where we rooted Silent Living, and a vital part of our homes and routines.

But the choice of Kckliko to guide this event is not arbitrary. They have been working alongside us since

the beginning of Silent Living, as their talent, sensitivity and care for nature’s greatest gifts inspire us

everyday - they are a vital part of our home.

About the Workshop  

The workshop will be held on the 16th and 17th of November, in both Santa Clara 1728, in Lisbon, and 

Casa no Tempo, in Alentejo.  The gathering will be about the importance of flowers, how to harvest and 

make arrangements for your home, just like KcKliko does for ours.

It includes:

- 2 day workshop, guided by Kckliko

- 2 night stay in Santa Clara 1728

- Breakfast and Lunch included during both days

- Transfer from and to the airport

- Visit to Casa no Tempo

- All support equipments for the workshop are included.

Price per person:   1950€

Price per couple:  2500€



Max. capacity: 12 people        Registration open until 2nd November 2019

We look forward to seeing you around the house, and we really want you to be part of this new event…!

It will be a pleasure to share this experience with all of you!