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Pursuing Silent Living

- 11/01/2019 -

Pursuing Silent Living


The biggest accomplishments we had since our adventure began are the amazing friendships we made along the way - this journal entry honors one of them.


We met Renée Kemps by chance, when she first visited Santa Clara 1728. Chats around the dinner table always reveal the best stories and, soon, we created a bond that proved to grow with time. 


She came back several times, for work purposes, both to Santa Clara and Casa no Tempo, and we happily welcomed her with a warm hug - there was always time for afternoon conversations about projects, ideas, expectations and dreams. One of them became true.

For a long time, we've been struggling to capture accurately what Silent Living means to us, and what it is made of. Sometimes still pictures hardly capture atmospheres, and if everything about us revolves around living experiences, moments and memories, it only made sense to us to create a moment. 

A fleeting moment, where not only you would be able to understand our vision but, above all, feel it. 

Renée felt, as she always did, our intentions, and embraced the challenge of filming each and every one of our properties - of telling our story, of showing who we are. 

It was risky to all of us, since the frustration of failing was very present in our hearts, but João always says “who doesn’t reach for the stars will never take their feet from the muddy ground”. And so we took the risk.


This was an adventure we shared with our dearest and talented friend Renée, that will stay forever in our hearts. Chasing nature, finding light, meeting people, cooking together, watch beautiful sunsets, waking up before the sunrise to be able to capture it, win a horse’s trust… all of this was Silent Living and, today, we are ready to share it with you.  


To Renée, thank you for your honest dedication, your devoted friendship and your brilliant talent - you left your mark, you will always be a part of the Silent Living family.


For the ones reading, we will be sharing a new film everyday - we hope you feel it and enjoy it as much as we did doing it, this is for you…!