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She is not into desserts, but at Ceia she had two.

- 01/02/2019 -

She is not into desserts, but at Ceia she had two.

There are always journalists curious to visit our homes and write about them, and we are proud to welcome everyone of them, sit down for a cup of tea, and speak about the past, present and future Silent Living.

From these stages in time, there are those who follow us closely, and leave their mark through the bonds of friendship and companionship. One of them is Mary Lussiana, our dearest friend, explorer, curious writter and a Silent Living enthusiast. We had the luck and pleasure to meet such an interesting person, who as travelled and written for major magazines around the world such as House&GardenWallpaperCondéNast Traveller and more.

She was one of the first people that we wanted to experience Ceia, as she always shows excitement for new things - and is willing to advise, support and share our happiness.

Mary joined Ceia table, and wrote about her experience to Financial Times' magazine How To Spend It.

Thus, we want to share with you Ceia through her eyes, palate, and heart, as we are very grateful for her generous words, enthusiasm and, above all, her precious friendship.

We hope you like it as much as we do 

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