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Homecoming - Fields and Fields

- 03/06/2020 -

Homecoming - Fields and Fields

"Delicately weaving an intimate tale of childhood, fatherhood, and a time before one’s time, hotelier João maps his arrival at Silent Living with a steady pace and tender heart, amidst a hardening industry. He invites us in to stay, reconnect, observe.
By respecting our everyday spaces, marking our daily movements and the passings of time, returning once again to the very ordinary, he shows us, the extraordinary can be realised."

These are the introductions words of FIelds in Fields to our story, told to them in the first person , by João. 
If you are at home, eager to read a new story, you can now read ours, here. Thank you so very much for the chance to share our story, so beautifully...!