All of our houses started as our family’s homes, and they’re now open to whoever wants to experience them. They are part of our story and echo the importance of feeling at home. Along the way, we realized that we are not alone in the search for happiness and fulfillment, and thus it felt right to share our values and visions with everyone else - one house at a time. We named this search & sharing process Silent Living, and it has been the most amazing adventure of our lives, so far.
By taking the time to hear each of our guests’ experiences, we found our own direction and path to realize our vision. Through our visitors’ empirical reflections, we finally understand the necessary ingredients to pursue Silent Living.
We always felt the need to provide a home away from home, to people who travel, rather than just a roof over their heads. For us, the feeling of home can bring awareness of its importance when you are away from your own. It relies on the simplest of things, the warmth of materials, the smell of homemade bread, or the quiet in the room. This vision comes from our ancestors, as our family’s previous generation used to open their home to welcome walking travelers.
Portuguese culture is strongly reflected in housing archetypes. To honor the memory of Portuguese architectural history, we immortalize it: each one of our houses tells a story from our culture, from our ancestors. By reinventing styles, details and ways of living, we connect past, present and future. Moreover, we try to comfort the soul by stimulating our senses – and our  happy memories - with a familiar taste, smell or sound.
We believe that traveling can be an extraordinary and life-changing experience, if you connect to the place where you’re at. With that in mind, our houses bond with their surroundings as an invitation for you to create emotional, spiritual and cultural links with them. Places we come across enrich our life experiences, improving the way we deal with the world and people in it, and so we wish to leave our mark on our guests’ memories.
We believe that, by setting our houses free from superficial and superfluous things, they take our guests back to their roots. Beauty relies in what is essential, in nature and the frailty of life, as well as in its imperfections, and to see it is to live intensively in space and moment, getting closer to happiness. Having less, to live more.
Our projects flourished with our family, as all the houses were and still are our family’s home. And to build one, we can only do it by sharing it with our loved ones. We elevate the significance of family, encouraging togetherness, welcoming our guests to sit at our table, share our meals, make beautiful memories and be part of the Silent Living family.
The connection with fauna and flora represents a key part of Silent Living, as it allows guests to step back from their fraught and fast-paced lifestyles, enjoying the calm, serenity and peace that comes from connecting with Nature.
The identity of a place and its own architectural language relies on a specific set of materials and application techniques. To ensure the connection between the houses and their surroundings, and to keep the story of each house alive, we keep our buildings faithful to the local language, by continuously searching for materials and shapes capable of connecting the building to the place where it belongs.
To strengthen the bonds between space and user, we create unique atmospheres, nourished by each particularity of the house. By stimulating the senses, we allow guests to deeply connect with themselves, with the place and the people around them. We also understand how crucial it is for our houses to adapt to the seasons, providing warmth and togetherness in the winter, as well as freshness and tranquillity in the summer time.