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Ceia opening

- 22/08/2018 -

Ceia opening

Dear Friends,
One of the best things Silent Living brought us was the chance to meet so many people from such different backgrounds – interested in what we do – and growing close friendships with all of them. You have since witnessed our journey - just as we have had the pleasure of watching and being a part of your beautiful work. That is why today we are sharing the good news with our friends first. After all the work we have been doing for the last few months, our dream has become a reality and our restaurant, Ceia, officially opened on the 22nd of August 2018. We want to share with you its story, as we have done with all of our previous projects…!

Santa Clara 1728’s long dining table carries values of sharing, simplicity, family… all very present in Silent Living’s philosophy. Ceia - the Portuguese word for supper - recalls to comfort, sharing and friendship, but also to the pleasure of serving those we love, as a special moment at the end of each day. These thoughts made us feel very inspired to name our new space after it.
The concept emerged very naturally, as the house’s intimacy and routines bond perfectly with Pedro Pena Bastos’ kitchen. It stands upon respect and affection by the products and their own cycles, and it focuses on presenting very complex and elegant flavors in a very simple way. At Ceia, there are no clients, there are guests! Here, 14 people will meet at the same table, to enjoy a dinner in a house that opens its doors and its heart, sharing the memories, stories and traditions.
The experience will be even more complete when, to the honey and cattle production already existing in Casa no Tempo, we explore all the natural resources the land gives us, with the future projects. Together with the work of small producers and artisans, we close the cycle and complement of Ceia. This dedication and delivery act as the guiding thread for all the elements present at dinner. Ceia will open its doors from Wednesday to Saturday, only for dinner behind closed doors- that is, by previous booking.
We look forward to seeing you around the house, and we really want you to be part of this new adventure…!
It will be a pleasure to share this experience with all of you!

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